Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Blog Comments: Suggestions to Construct Backlinks and Traffic

One of the simplest approaches to create traffic is to leave comments on DoFollow blogs. In my specific niche I spent a whole afternoon researching the best blogs and forums to comment on. All you will need to do is put "your niche" + "blog" into one of the search engines and it will return a lengthy list of blogs. I was fairly shocked at the poor high-quality of some of the blogs I located. Out of just about every ten, I only found one that I would even think about participating in! Some had been redundant, with hardly any visitors or comments, or the comments had been irrelevant to the niche, and it is incredible how quite a few blogs will not be carefully moderated by the owners, which means that comments like "great blog dude" were allowed to get by way of together with a backlink to that commenter's web-site.

What's wrong with that scenario? It will be quick to leave short comments like that, and easy to acquire backlinks. Positive, but Google would assign no relevance to the posts on the blog and it would not rank high. You'd like to seek out blogs with higher traffic, mainly because much more guests suggests extra click throughs for you personally and far better certified guests.


Google and guests all desire to see quality content, and that includes blog comments. In the event you can leave an educated and helpful blog comment frequently on a internet site, then visitors will see your answers and comments and are much more probably to click by way of to your site.

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Look for high PR (Page Rank) blog web pages. Ranking goes from PR0 to PR9 - Google, Yahoo, Facebook and YouTube are all PR9 web-sites. The greater the PR blog internet site you are able to obtain and leave your comments and details on, the additional credence and ranking points Google provides. This suggests your ranking will boost much more if you are a regular contributor to a PR7 web-site, than a PR0 website.

Appear for CommentLuv web-sites. Andy Bailey has worked really hard on this concept, and by joining the CommentLuv family members, you'll be able to leave a blog post, and the Comment Luv WordPress plugin has the ability to pick out among 5 to ten other comments you have created, and display these as well, generating much more interest in what you must say. A brand new version has just been released and is encouraged.

As soon as you obtain higher PR blogs that have standard participants, construct your credibility by using their RSS feed. That feed will tell you when someone has commented on your comment and you are able to get straight back to them and continue the conversation. It's also a good reminder of the blogs you will be contributing to, and seeing how active they really are.

Blog owners like regular participants - you happen to be in fact adding content to their web-sites. Ultimately you can be invited to become a regular guest blogger as you turn into perceived as an specialist in whatever the blog is about. A win-win for you personally and the blog owner that will gather enhanced traffic for each of you.

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